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Advanced Defensive Driving Seminars

DriveRite Offers Various Basic and Advanced Defensive Driving Seminars to that enable its participants to be safe and productive in our Philippine roads. We approach Driving from a Behavioral Standpoint. Once the ATTITUDE of any driver is changed to a positive outlook, the absorption of KNOWLEDGE and application of driving SKILLS will follow. We equip our participants with knowledge of the Latest LTO Road Rules, to the correct way of Parking, A to Zs of SAFEDRIVING are all discussed.

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Our History

Formerly known as Green Ads Aerocheck Systems, which started during the 90’s under Captain Rene Lichauco Sr, The Company provided Aerial Surveillance and Photography using aircraft. This was done for various companies, both government and private alike. Upon seeing the current traffic conditions in the metro from a birds eye view, this led Captain Lichauco to author The Philippine Road Rules and Regulations Handbook and its tagalog version Mga Batas at Alituntunin Pangtrapiko ng Pilipinas. This gave Green Ads an opportunity to diversify into providing various training seminars aimed at private and business sectors from 1994 to 2009. Early 2010 Gave Green Ads an opportunity to change its identity to suit its status and the myriad of traffic safety services it provides, thus DriveRite Traffic Safety Consulting, the result of 15 years of providing traffic safety awareness seminars and lectures, was born, under the management of Rene “JJ” Lichauco Jr. Same Principles, better and fresher perspectives on safety.

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